President George W. Bush visits San Jose, CA

Sponsored by: Commonwealth Club & Churchill Club

Only 10 days prior to the event date the Commonwealth Club was asked to host a visit by President Bush during his fund raising visit to California.

Given the great success with the recent VP Cheney Event, ITS was in a great position to make this visit go smooth.

During the advance team walk through ITS was able to answer many of the questions that both the host company and the White House had pertaining to how to set the room. But like any high level event things change, but ITS was there to handle any request... from the addition of 300' feet of blue velour drape to the addition of 10 television monitors all showing a live CNN feed. Once again the White House was amazed at how ITS could handle any thing they could throw at us, as one White House official said "We keep trying to mess you up, but we just can't do it!... You guys are amazing!".

Press Release:

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