A division of Kesmia Corp.

      As a first year exhibitor at E3 GameStorm wanted to make a substantial impact amongst the larger competitors in the show. Being a new division their goal was to accomplish this on a tight budget and limited real-estate space.

      The ITS designers brought in a fully automated A/V system, in a specialized pre-hung truss. The pre-hung truss saved thousands of dollars in Union labor. In conjunction a concert sound system was also brought in. Finally video monitors were brought in to play promo videos.

      The ITS designers took a very theatrical approach to the lighting and sound design complementing the thematic style of the booth.

      The booth was so well received that Good Morning America hosted their morning show from the booth. Further, the A/V system was featured in Exhibitor magazine. Finally, the booth received special mention at the show for booths under $500k.

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