Intuitive Technology Solutions can provide 
these services and many more for your next project:

Complete Design 
A unified design of all key areas, 
we create the total package.

Project Managers, Conslutants, Designers 
we make your project run smoothly.

Static, moving, atmosphere, and effects, 
we can enhance any project.

Live Performance, DJ, Ambiance, 
we can reinforce it all.

We take your message to the world
with the power of the internet

Audio - Visual & Multimedia
V ideo Projections & State of the art imaging,
we can visually support any project.

Theatrical, Architectural, 
we can build your dreams.

Special Effects
Pyrotechnics, smoke, fog, air cannons, 
we can add a moment of magic.

"If it's worth doing it's worth over doing"

-ITS Directive