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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement
and the thrill of creative effort."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Intuitive Technology Solutions specializes in the complete design & management of high-end events and tradeshow projects. From lighting, sound, audio/video, effects, scenic, to just about anything you need for a successful event.

ITS works with your corporation to make sure your projects have a consistent appearance and message. By assembling world renowned teams we are able to ensure only the finest end results.

We do this all at extremely competitive rates, often less then you are currently spending. How do we do it? Intuitive Technology Solutions is a collection of seasoned professionals that know the tricks of the trade to maximize effect at the lowest possible budget

Our goal is to forge long term relationships which will insure that every project your company participates in will be sending a consistent message of utmost quality. Once your company has enlisted the services of Intuitive Technology Solutions, your customers will immediately see an increase in value, visibility, overall quality, and atmosphere for your projects.

Contact us now for a free consultation and we can begin building and strengthening your brand NOW! We have top level designers ready to meet with you locally in Las Vegas, Texas, and California.



"For an idea that does not
at first seem insane,
there is no hope."
-Albert Einstein

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Contact Info:

Projects In California Contact:
Shawn Keck
Phone 408-998-4601
email: info@intuitivetech.net

Projects Located In the Rest of the USA Contact:
Brett Beanan
Phone: 702-296-4973
email: Brett@Beanan.com